Last night, despite the fact that Occupy Tucson has been bargaining in good faith with the City Attorney, we were ordered out of Veinte de Agosto park with three hours notice. In light of our record of cooperation with the city, we consider this to be unfair treatment. For every scheduled event that we have been asked to accommodate, we have moved out quickly, peacefully, and efficiently. And, as we did at Armory Park, we cleaned up the park and left it in better condition than we found it in. We consider it unfortunate that the city flatly rejected our counter-proposal in which we agreed to decamp and suspend our federal lawsuit against the city in return for dismissal of our citations, a downtown office space, and assurance that the homeless Occupiers would receive the services they need. We consider this an unfortunate beginning to Mayor Rothschild’s administration. We will, nonetheless, continue to discuss with the city the question of the use of park lands for free speech. We will also continue our fight for the 99 Percent in various and creative ways.

Please come to our next General Assembly at Armory Park (221 South 6th Avenue in downtown Tucson) tonight at 6:00 p.m. An idea cannot be evicted; Occupy Tucson is here to stay.

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